Houston ISD owes Carranza nothing.

Richard Carranza has a 3-YEAR CONTRACT with #HISD through 2019 that does not allow him to leave without permission (known as a contract amendment).

If he leaves before his contract ends, he is in breach. 

Read his full 15 page contract here.

What does this mean? It means the board of trustees owes him NOTHING for which they haven't already paid him. 

They DO NOT HAVE TO PAY him things like: partial year incentive pay, accrued vacation/sick days, annual retirement contributions, etc. All of these things are paid on an annual schedule. If he leaves before they are paid, they are not owed.

Standard business practice, for good reason, is that an organization only pays for partial time like this when they are happy with the person who is leaving. The superintendent's decision to abandon the district only half-way through an initial 3-year contract and in the middle of the kind of turmoil for which he is high-compensated ($345k/yr) to manage easily justifies the board refusing to pay anything extra. 

If anything, they should consider demanding that he pay the cost of the search to replace him because HE IS IN BREACH OF CONTRACT, a breach that will have a material cost to the district.

Email/call trustees will be meeting in closed session as early as today to tell them not to give Carranza anything extra. Tell them he owes the district for leaving, not the other way around.

Leave a message by calling Board Services: 713-556-6121

Email trustees:

Trustee Rhonda Skillern-Jones: rskille2@houstonisd.org
Trustee Jolanda Jones: jjones57@houstonisd.org
Trustee Anne Sung: anne.sung@houstonisd.org
Trustee Sergio Lira: sergio.lira@houstonisd.org
Trustee Holly Flynn-Vilaseca: holly.flynnvilaseca@houstonisd.org
Trustee Elizabeth Santos: elizabeth.santos@houstonisd.org
Trustee Sue Deigaard: sue.deigaard@houstonisd.org
Trustee Diana Davila: ddavila3@houstonisd.org
Trustee Wanda Adams: wadams2@houstonisd.org